Letter to Christians in Rome: Chapter 14 (pt 14 of 19)

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You have seen that word righteousness many times in this letter to the church in Roman. Do you know what it means? It means God’s gift of a sense of worth about yourself. It means that, because of the death of Jesus on your behalf, he loves you; he accepts you; you are a valuable person in his sight. In fact, he cheerfully and delightfully calls you his beloved child. That is righteousness, and from it, when we understand that, comes a sense of dignity, a sense of self-respect. That is what the world should see! The world should see you stand up confident as to who you are, with a kind of underlying assurance that is without conceit; that shows you have a basis of self-acceptance that the world knows nothing about.

The world should also see peace. That comes across visibly as a kind of calmness, an inner core of unflappability that is undaunted and undisturbed by the minor irritations of the moment. It is a quiet and calm assurance that Yehoveh is present in the situation; that he will work it out for his glory, and there is no reason for us to get upset or angry, about a situation or event, or vindictive toward someone.

It is hard for the world to get that impression of peace and calmness if they see two people screaming at one another over a stupid (oops. I’m not supposed to say that), okay, over a foolish disagreement. That most certainly does not look very calm. The important thing is that you manifest that gift of God, which is peace.

If interested, you can download the entire study of The Letter to Christians at Rome


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