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We have reached a time when we need to keep abreast of national and international events–and how they relate to prophetic events. The times of being casually interested are over. We must choose now where our hearts are. Each week I share more and more videos that I consider to be absolutely vital for each of us to view.

Now when I send these videos out to you, some are longer than others, and I fully understand they can overwhelm you. Each of us has limited time and I do not expect you to be able to view each video (at least not in one week). I hope you are able to save the emails and view them at your leisure.

However, someone asked me which ones is most import; to prioritize them in some way. I was doing that before, but did not point out the priorities. From now on, when I send out the list of videos, I will post them in order of priority. I hope that will help you.

Now please, do not minimize the importance of those at the “bottom” of the list. As you find the time (or if you find the time), I encourage you to go back to the list of videos and view them. Some these videos are worth viewing more than once.

This week’s list is listed in order of importance.

The Mid-East Prophecy Update

May 27th, 2012

Please don’t miss this one! (Someday I have to meet Pastor JD! We have such common hearts and each week it becomes more obvious to me)

The Harbinger – Rabbi Cahn

Full Version

The next group of videos is possibly the most important teachings I have shared with you. The signs of our Lord’s return have been established from the beginning. Learn the signs, watch the signs. See what was hidden from Daniel be revealed in a series of astounding realizations.

Time: Our Creator’s Calendar – The Foundation

Part 1: Yahweh’s Prophetic Calendar

Part 2: Confirming the Covenant

Part 3: The Blood Moon Tetrads and the Greator Exodus

Part 4 – Daniel Unsealed (Urgent Update)

Hal Lindsey Report


Jack Van Impe Presents

(May 19th 2012)

Rabbi Greg HersbergBeth Yeshua International

Holy Unto You

Other Videos

Hope for the Discouraged and Depressed, Part 11 – Romans 8:33-34 ~ Pastor JD

Joshua 11-12 ~ Pastor JD.

An Extra-Special Video you must view

Taking The Hill

If you have been in the military, or know someone who has been in the military, please watch this trailer of an important documentary made for you. You may download the video or order the DVD on this same site.


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