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We have reached a time when we need to keep abreast of national and international events–and how they relate to prophetic events. We often hear the stories and read the passages about what lies ahead, about the “end times.” We hear them and shout our “Amens!” But our “Amen’ing” has to end and we need to start understanding and believing.

A dark shadow is now being cast and our times of being casually interested in these things, are over. We must choose now where our hearts are. Each week I share more and more videos that I consider to be absolutely vital for each of us to view.

This week’s list is listed in order of importance.

Counterfeit Christianity
This is an hour-long video and I encourage you to listen to this when you have the time . . . and courage. This is an extremely important video for all believers (especially those who believe they are saved, but still live like those in the world

The Mid-East Prophecy Update

June 3rd, 2012

David Wilkerson
Sobering and Challenging

The Towers Have Fallen-Part1

The Towers Have Fallen-Part2

Hal Lindsey Report


Jack Van Impe Presents


Other Videos

Hope for the Discouraged and Depressed, Part 12 – Romans 8:35 ~ Pastor JD

Joshua 13 ~ Pastor JD.

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