JOY AND PEACE (by Samuel Jayapaul Asirvatham)

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Grant me a willing spirit to sustain me…Psalm 51:12

When we rejoice in the Lord and enjoy the deliverance given by God we are empowered and enabled to bear anything happily. At those moments when we experience this inner peace and joy, our mind will not be disturbed by what others say about us.

In the absence of this inner joy,what others say upsets us very easily.

God is good and His commandments are good. All His suggestions are full of love. But they are like tea without sugar and milk which is not palatable to the tongue. Only when the peace and joy that also come form God, sweeten the commandments, we can obey the commandments with delight. Though we wish to obey the commandments, we can do it with ease only when our relationship with Him is strong. When we experience this joy within us, we will be encouraged to obey all that He says.

We need to seek God in our innermost being not only during prayer times but at other times also. Then He will reveal Himself and fill us with real joy.

The joy that we feel within, makes it easier for us to obey Him. Adherence to the commandments becomes delightful when our heart is filled with divine joy and peace.



2 thoughts on “JOY AND PEACE (by Samuel Jayapaul Asirvatham)

    Thomas S. Vickery said:
    July 30, 2012 at 7:54 pm


    While doing some research regarding Book of Acts, I found an article titled “The Book of Acts Chapter 18: (pt 13 of 18)” that appears to be posted on January 20, 2011. What I am interested in knowing is what hallway of what building is shown in the picture above the article. It may seem like a strange inquiry, but I am fond of old architecture. Thanks for your time and attention to my inquiry. Thanks!

    Tom Vickery
    Phoenix, Arizona


      nhiemstra said:
      August 20, 2012 at 7:16 pm

      Unfortunately, I cannot tell you. It came with the page design. I did not add that particular artwork.


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