2013 Kenya Mission

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Several years ago I spent two weeks in New Mexico, doing work for a Christian Reformed Church in the Jicarilla Apache Nation. Yeah, we worked pretty hard. We repaired doors in their school, painted walls, cleaned windows, etc . . .

In this trip to Kenya, we are visiting several churches to minister the Word of God, praying for the folks, ministering healing and the message of salvation . . . etc. It will cost me about $3,500.

Two years ago I was raising funds for a trip to Kenya, then Bangladesh, but both trips fell through . . . funding was lacking, but on our second plan, terrorists closed down the airports in both Bangladesh and Germany . . . both airports we were due to fly into.

I still have the funds that I was able to raise for those trips, but it is not enough for me to cover all of the expenses. Hence, this fund raising . . . In August I will be joining a team ministering in Kenya and we are looking for your support. We fully understand the burdens many of us are experiencing these days, but it is through your faithful and continual support that we are able to continue our outreach and ministry. We are hoping to make other mission trips as time and funding permits.

We are asking for a gift of $5.00 or $10.00–$3,000.00! No, seriously, we thank you deeply for whatever support you are able to provide. As I said, I still have funds left over from our previous planned trips. So those of you who did contrbute, we thank you, and we understand if you are unable to contribute for this trip.

2013 Kenya Trip

$0.00 $3,500

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