What is Messianic Judaism?

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What is Messianic Judaism?

An important new book dispels the confusion.

Leading Jewish and Christian scholars collaborate to bring definition and clarity to the world of Messianic Judaism in this groundbreaking work: Introduction to Messianic Judaism: Its Ecclesial Context and Biblical Foundations.

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Editors David Rudolph and Joel Willitts have assembled a team of respected Messianic Jewish and Gentile Christian scholars, including Mark Kinzer, Richard Bauckham, Markus Bockmuehl, Craig Keener, Darrell Bock, Scott Hafemann, Daniel Harrington, R. Kendall Soulen, Douglas Harink and others.

Opening essays, written by Messianic Jewish scholars and synagogue leaders, provide a window into the on-the-ground reality of the Messianic Jewish community and reveal the challenges, questions and issues with which Messianic Jews grapple. Gentile Christian scholars explore a number of biblical and theological issues that the church must reconsider to understand Messianic Judaism.

Here is a balanced and accessible introduction to the diverse Messianic Jewish movement that all readers will find informative and fascinating.


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