Our Time Is Short

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You know, I actually post articles and videos like this for your edification, as well as to make you aware of the times we are living in. Now, if you are shocked that I consider this edifying, because it scares the begebbers out of you . . . then you need to examine your relationship with the Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus.

His return is something we are to hope for and actually cry out for! In fact, it is our Father’s heart desire that His people passionately yearn and prepare for His Son’s return. Our greatest passion and prayer must be the ultimate coming of Christ’s kingdom and glory of His name. Rather than being consumed only with Christ’s “work,” we are to be consumed with a passion for His personal “coming.Rev 22:17-20) Believers are to yearn for His immediate manifest presence. We are to cry out for the final wedding of the Bride (the Church) with the Bridegroom (Christ). I wish more churches would faithfully proclaim the return of Christ.


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