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UnfashionableWhat comes to mind when I mention the word unfashionable? How about “antiquated,” “obsolete,” “dated,” “has-been,” “old fashioned,” “outmoded,” “old school,” “square,” “passé.” And how about “totally-not-cool,” or maybe even “Just. Plain. Weird.” “Crazy.” “Behind the Times.” And notice that it always applies to folks (known as “them” as in an us vs. them mentality) who just don’t always “go-with-the-flow” or conform to how we think they should “be,” “act,” and/or “dress” according to our own set of mostly unwritten rules that we have carved in stone. And we find those unwritten rules everywhere including in every age and ethic group; in churches, hospitals, businesses, government, and in the military; at colleges and universities, graduate schools and seminaries; and in all other types of workplaces and every social setting in-between. (See article on social identity theory available at this link.)

The problem…

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