An Open Letter to The White House

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Sara's Musings

7.23.14 SocialSecurityYesterday I received something that gave me a small yet welcome break from the past five plus years of unemployment. It’s not that I haven’t been actively looking for a job (should I attach to this blog post the 40-page list I’ve created that shows each and every job I’ve applied for in the past five plus years–I stopped counting at 500 in 2011).

While I’m not a fan of the current administration (I’m very much a conservative and have never believed in giving away the kitchen sink to anyone who asks), what happened yesterday (July 23, 2014) was something that was greatly needed yet I hated to have to take it because I can’t find a job (after 5+ years) in the greatest and most prosperous country on the face of planet earth (e.g., the United States of America). Some say it has to do with my age. I…

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