My Way or God’s Way?

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The Daily Way

The song “My Way” is a snapshot of how many people view life. They do not want to be told what to do, scoffing at any suggestion of submission. To many people, freedom means doing whatever they want, whenever they want—but true champions do not share this view.

As David neared his coronation as king of Israel, his life was getting extremely dangerous. King Saul knew David’s popularity was growing—and he begrudged David for it. So much so that he decided he would kill David to end this problem. So Saul set out on a manhunt through the mountains in search of David.

Despite being the object of a heated pursuit, David refused to do things his way. Twice David had opportunities to kill Saul, yet he would not do it. Resisting the urging of a traveling companion, David said, “But the Lord forbid that I should lay a hand…

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