The God Who Is There

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You must read this one! I will warn you though, it will cause you the truly evaluate where you are with your faith, and whether you are a Disciple, or just a “Hanger-on.” Give it a read . . .

Sara's Musings

TheGodWhoIsThereI woke up this morning thinking about faith–the kind of faith that steadfastly believes in the invisible God–the God of all Creation; the God of the Bible; the GodWho Is There. In fact, the only God there is. Unfortunately, we often worship at the altar of a thousand lesser gods that cry out for our attention–money, fame, power, position, sex, materialism, pride, ego (and that list is endless)–as well as what we can actually see, hear, and touch. And all of these lesser gods get in the way of our knowledge, obedience, and love for the One True God, and we allow them to do that on a very regular basis.

Consider the fact that printed on our money here in America is “In God We Trust” (and sometimes even printed on the designer license plates on our vehicles). It tends to twist the concept of who…

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