Not Negotiable

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Not negotiableWe live in a world of “anything goes” and we hold back nothing if it brings us any amount of personal pleasure and/or we can afford it. “Go for the Gusto!” is our motto. “If It Feels Good, Do It!” we yell as we keep on “rockin’ down the highway” of life. Fifty Shades of Grey sure beats “all or nothing/black and white” thinking with all of its confining and self imposed restraints. Even modern psychology tells us that. And rules? They are meant to be broken, right? 


The truth is that some things are not negotiable. Death and taxes, for example.

Once again in a blast from the past–the dead speaking to the livingA.W. Tozer (1897-1963) speaks volumes to us as we continue to tolerate absolutely anything but the truth nowadays. The following is taken from Tozer’s book, Man: The Dwelling Place…

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