Wednesday Morning Prayer

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Father, we woke this morning to a Wonderful Wednesday, a day where we can calm ourselves because half of the week has past and soon, the end of the week will be here. Just like everything else, evil must surrender to good, winter must yield to spring!

So we celebrate and rejoice that you are now our King and our Savior. We thank you that you didn’t just rescue us from our past, but you brought us into a new life, a life where all old has passed away and everything has become new!

We are beginning this new day refreshed and renewed in our spirits, minds and bodies. It is a day that you have made, so we will rejoice and be glad in it. We have decided to arise with a positive attitude knowing that you are with us!

As your Psalmist prayed, “Thanks be to Elohim, who has not rejected my prayer or taken away his mercy from me” (Psalm 66:20). We have experienced your mercy and found peace in our hearts. We woke up saying, “This is the day you have created!” And we worship you.

We refuse to harbor a poor, discouraged outlook on our life or the circumstances we have to face. Instead Lord, we choose to maintain positive and encouraged this morning. We rejoice and are glad!

We welcome this new day you have given us. We thank You for this opportunity to focus on you and your love for us. We just ask that throughout our day, you would draw us closer; that our understanding of your plans for our lives would be made clearer.

We commit everything to You. Please guide and direct our steps. Use us to impact those around us and bring comfort and encouragement. We are your ambassadors of Life, so Holy Spirit, remind us of that as we drive and as we interact with the people we meet. In fact, we realize that you have made us what we are. You have created us in Christ Yeshua to live lives filled with good works that you have prepared for us to do. So we pray that we can be example of this in every word we speak and action we take. Please, help us to please you, and not embarrass you or your Kingdom.

Thank you, Father for being who you are! ~Nickolas Hiemstra who is rejoicing and celebrating that the spring time of life is here!


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