Closing Out Another Super Sunday

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I apologize for the delay in tonight’s prayer. I became distracted by another task, and forgot to post one. Sorry. So let’s close out our day:

Father, it has be a good day. You have brought out a spirit of worship and adoration in our hearts and we thank you for the wonder of your presence.

As we prepare to go to sleep, please continue to teach us. Allow your Spirit to watch over our thoughts, dreams and imaginations. And we rebuke anything that would cause us to be restless or disturb our sleep. We cast aside all of our worries and concerns and place them into your hands.

Tomorrow, will expect it to be a Marvelous Monday and we anticipate waking refreshed and renewed and to continue our worship and adoration of you. Give us the grace we need to go to work so we can be a light in a world of darkness.

For those who must work during tonight, we ask that you would keep them alert so they can perform their tasks safely. For our policemen and firemen, please watch over them, as well. Protect them and give them the Grace to care for the people they meet.

Be gloried, Lord. We thank you for this day you have given us and will rely on your presence through out our day. Amen! ~Nickolas Hiemstra

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