A Mid-Morning Time of Gratfulness

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Father, we are looking to you this morning and trust that the words from our mouths and the thoughts from my hearts will be acceptable to you, for you Lord are our rock and our defender. This is indeed a Tremendous Tuesday morning, and we are asking you to open our eyes today so that we may see the miraculous things in your teachings. Open them wide, please, so we can see the wonders of your law!

When we woke up earlier this morning, we knew beyond a shadow of doubt that you were indeed our rock and our fortress and our Savior. You are our God, our rock of safety we can at a moments need, find refuge in your presence. You are our shield, and the strength of our salvation, our stronghold. When we call, you answered us and increase the strength within us. Whenever we feel helpless, at the appointed time, you rescue us.

Give us Life in Your Ways. Teach us, Lord, how to live by your laws, and without hesitation we will obey them to the end. Help us understand so that we can follow your teachings. We will guard them with all our heart.

Lead us on the path of your commandments, because they bring us such joy and peace. Direct our hearts toward your Word rather than getting rich in underhanded ways. Turn our eyes away from worthless things. And Give us a new life in your ways!

We ask you to move on the hearts of our family members so they can understand where our joy comes from. Don’t let them continue to live lives that are futile and lost. We place them into you care to nag and pester through your love. Bring others across their paths who can certainly represent you better that we can. Touch their hearts and prove your love.

Thank your for this wonderful day that you have made (and please warm it up like it was yesterday). Amen ~Nickolas Hiemstra


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