Closing A Wonderful Wednesday!

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Hallelujah Thank You Father God! Lord you are Holy and Righteous. You’re the Most High and we love you. Thank You for this day and all that has been in it. It’s still a little early in this part of the world, but of our brothers and sisters are lying down for the evening while still others are rising to a new day. Thank for all the love and blessings that have been given and for the expressions of love from one toward another. Mostly the love that has been expressed toward You.

Father some are mourning the loss of loved ones and friends, some to death and others to the world. We pray your comforting and peace for them this evening and ask that you would touch the hearts of those whom have gone out to take on this world in sin. Lord I pray your protection for them…

We pray your healing for the sick and deliverance for the bound. Encouragement for the down trodden and peace for the those living chaos.

Dear God, Sovereign Lord! I realize that you desire a closer more intimate relationship with your creation. You desire to commune with us, but so many are wrapped up in trying to live this life, caught up with the cares of life. Distracted with so called ministry, that we’ve neglected you. Lord open our eyes and help us to see clearly what it is that you really desire of us.

Forgive us Lord for our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Be glorified in us. Make us to be like Jesus that we may grow in wisdom and stature, that we might obtain favor with you and man.

Let restoration and healing consume all whom have been broken and scattered in lives both spiritually and naturally. Help us Father that we would totally commit to you and submit ourselves to you as a living sacrifice. One that is holy and acceptable to you, in Jesus name, Amen!!!
~LaDarrell Howard

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