Thursday Morning Thankfulness

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Thank you for today, Father. With the Psalmist we will sing joyfully about your righteousness! Just open our lips, and our mouths will tell about your praise. Send out your light and your truth and they will lead and guide our steps and bring us to your holy hill and to your dwelling place.

Flat out, there is no one like you, Father. Your faithfulness surrounds you. Righteousness and justice are the very foundations of your throne; love and truth go before your face. We will walk in your presence and because your light has come into our lives, we flee from darkness, and come to your light.

We do thank You for this day and everything that it holds for us. We anticipate great things and will allow your wisdom to guide and direct each decision we make. We commit our ways to You for good and not for evil. Simply guide and direct our steps. Use us to encourage those we meet today, and show us how to be more compassionate and loving to those we live with. Don’t let us become a burden to our children, but rather a joy in their lives.

Change us! Open the eyes of our understanding so we can know You, Your will, Your ways. We thank You for your Word which which will bring that change. It will help to mold and shape a life of worship and adoration. Penetrate our hearts by the power of Your Holy Spirit and we will yield to Your will and ways. Frankly Father, you are a whole bunch brighter than we are, so we will fix our attention of your ways and wisdom. Simply order our steps because you have made this day, and we will indeed rejoice and be glad in it. Amen! ~Nickolas Hiemstra


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