Overcoming Distractions

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distractionDistractions . . . they eat up our time and clutter our minds and our lives. Hardly an hour (or even a few minutes) goes by that we aren’t distracted by something or someone that has invaded our space. Just consider how much time our smartphones take away from us and keep us distracted by keep us busy doing so much “stuff” on them that is truly time wasting and most of the time absolutely not essential to our lives. In fact, at times it is very dangerous, like texting and/or being otherwise preoccupied by our smartphones while driving our vehicles.

I read a devotion this morning by A.W. Tozer (1897-1963) that centers on distractions that occur during our prayer time, but a statement made in it can also be applied to our lives in general:

Whatever excites the curiosity, scatters the thoughts, disquiets the heart, absorbs the interests or…

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