Put Away Compromise

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Folks, you must read this and allow the Word of God to search your heart!

Sara's Musings

Compromise-WDGSACompromise . . . how many times in a day do we find ourselves compromising on things we say we believe in? Three of the definitions for “compromise” stated in TheFreeDictionary.com are (1) a weakening or reduction of one’sprinciples or standards; (2) to reducethequality,value, or degree of something,such as one’sideals; and (3) an exposure of one’sgoodname,reputation,etc, to injury. (Quote source here.)

In answer to the question, “What does the Bible have to say about compromise?” GotQuestions?org states the following in their answer (full article available at this link):

To compromise is to make concessions or accommodations for someone who does not agree with a prevalent set of standards or rules. The Bible makes it clear that God does not condone compromising His standards . . . . Not compromising requires our unswerving submission to Him and to Him…

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