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I love Sara’s honesty about facing difficulties for the past several years. Please, do not read ANY complaints in her comments, but rather, the reality of what she has experienced. Yet, through it all, her Lord has sustained her, even during the most difficult times. THAT is what I hope you read in her comments.

Sara's Musings

Statue-of-libertyI used to be a career professional in higher education (at colleges and universities). I was a dissertation away from a doctorate in education (Ed.D.) in adult education in the mid-90’s from Nova Southeastern University. I earned a Master of Science degree (M.S.) in Education with a specialization in Higher Education/Student Personnel Services from Iowa State University (which is well known for its higher education graduate programs) in August 1991. I also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) from Iowa State in Art & Design (with a departmental minor in Psychology) which I received in 1985. I was an adult student in college before the term even became popular. And I went to college on the G.I. Bill. I went through the U.S. Army’s basic training program and was stationed in South Korea after Basic Training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) as a Transportation Movements Specialist (71N20). I…

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