Faith: The Evidence of Things Not Seen

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You have to read this. You will find hope and receive courage during your trials and struggles.

Sara's Musings

Faith . . . that word gets tossed around all over the place today. We say we have faith in this or faith in that, or that we have faith in God, but do we really know what we are talking about when it comes to faith? defines faith as follows:

1. Confidenceortrustinapersonorthing: faithinanother’sability.
2. Beliefthatisnotbasedonproof: Hehadfaiththatthehypothesiswouldbesubstantiatedbyfact.
3. BeliefinGodorinthedoctrinesorteachingsofreligion: thefirmfaithofthePilgrims.
4. Beliefinanything,asacodeofethics,standardsofmerit,etc.: tobeofthesamefaithwithsomeoneconcerninghonesty.
5. A systemofreligiousbelief: theChristianfaith;theJewishfaith.
6. Theobligationofloyaltyorfidelity

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