Prophetic Dream: The Perfect Storm Is Upon America (via Charismamag)

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via: Prophetic Dream: The Perfect Storm Is Upon America

America's perfect storm is coming.
America’s perfect storm is coming. (iStock photo )

The Father showed five areas on which the American church must change its position before the 2016 election.

One of them was the issue of sexual immorality. Another was abortion. The third is our view and perception of what biblical love and grace really is. He reminded me of a powerful prophetic dream He had given me several years ago.

In the dream, I found myself standing on the shoreline of the Atlantic coast facing the ocean. There was a tremendous storm front that was beginning to gather in the Atlantic. I could see the tip of Florida to my right and the upper parts of Maine to my left. I had a sense that I was somewhere near or in Virginia.

As I looked up over the Atlantic Ocean, I noticed two enormous storms beginning to form. The first front moved ahead of the other. The Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “The Perfect Storm is upon America.” These two fronts immediately began to move toward me, and demons began to manifest inside of them. I called out to the first front sweeping toward me and said, “Who are you?” The word “Rebellion” flashed before my eyes. I called out to the front behind it and said, “Who are you?” The word “Tolerance” appeared in the sky.

As these tremendous storms now passed over my head, I violently cried out and said, “I live in the most rebellious and tolerant generation that the world has ever known.” The Spirit of God responded to me and said,

“The former prophets looked for physical storms by which they saw my judgments coming, but in these days I’m raising up prophets that will discern spiritual storms. You must know that the spiritual storms that are upon the earth are far greater than any physical storm that has touched earth. Physical storms are limited to a region of people. These spiritual storms that shall rise in the earth will have the power to affect every area of culture. Beware!”

As I faced America on the Atlantic coast and saw these two massive storms sweeping the land, I felt a tremendous urgency of the hour. I immediately jumped on a horse and began to ride, and the word “Paul Revere” was placed in my mouth as I rode. During the next years in the dream, I traveled to different churches all over America proclaiming what I had seen and heard. Though I went to thousands of different churches and visited numerous ethnic groups all over America, there were only three categories of churches. The following are the encounters that I had as I visited the different churches:

The Sleeping Church

The first type of church I visited had “Sleeping Church” engraved on its doors. As I opened the doors to these churches, every one of them was in the middle of a service. I would hurry in to relay the message of what I had just seen and heard, only to be shocked to see everyone in attendance, including the leadership, sucking on pacifiers. While this type of church could hear my words, they had no ability to respond. I began to cry out and say, “Why are you silent, Church, why are you silent? Though you are awake, you are sleeping!”

In the dream, the Holy Spirit immediately spoke to me Eph 4:14: “Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.”

The Street Church

The second type of church I visited met in the streets of America. Upon seeing all of these different gatherings in many different cities, I was delighted because many of them seemed to be around my age (18-35) and simply claimed allegiance to “Street Church.” I began to interview and ask members of this particular type of church if they had heard about the two storms descending over America named “Rebellion” and “Tolerance.” None of them seemed to understand what I was asking.

I continued in the street on my horse until I found myself at a gathering of thousands and thousands of these “Street Church” people. I recognized one of the leaders, but for the sake of integrity I will leave his name out. As I pressed into the crowd, there was an incredible sense of chaos and confusion among the people. I cried out to the Lord in the dream and said, “Who are these people?”

He said, “These are the products of the works-based gospel movement of the ’80s and ’90s. These are they who have rebelled in the name of grace but not in the name of My Son.” As the Spirit spoke this to me, there began to be mass commotion in the crowd.

Suddenly, banners began to be carried by the Street Church all over America that read “GRACE.” It was especially intriguing to me that these banners were dusty, and you could visibly see the mud on them. I said to the Lord, “Where have these young people picked up these banners from?” He said, “They have resurrected them from the former generations. False doctrines that were once done away with are now rising in the streets.” The Spirit specifically showed me three false doctrines these groups believed in.

They were: 1. Manifest Sons of God Doctrine; 2. Joel’s Army; and 3. Finished Work of the Cross Movement

Manifest Sons of God Doctrine

Those that resurrect this teaching will specifically focus on the perfection of the saints, immortalization and the attainment of actually being Christ as we become just like Him in nature and ability. This doctrine, as stated in the dream, will be carried by thousands of young adults being deceived because of the lack of biblical literacy and false teachers leading them astray.

Joel’s Army Doctrine

This doctrine will specifically be marked by those who believe that the church has replaced Israel. This is also known as Replacement Theology. Dominion Theology and claims of divinity will also mark those who follow this doctrine.

Finished Work of the Cross Doctrine

I am aware that many people have never heard of this doctrine or movement that is really beginning to deceive many young people. In all my prayer and study, I have discerned that burned-out young people in particular who have served God through striving and performance-based Christianity are the primary targets of this deceptive doctrine and movement.

In essence, they were extremely faithful to God in past seasons without a heart that truly encountered the love and affection of Jesus. The problem with this movement and doctrine is that while there is much truth in the teaching that Christ is our final sacrifice, many in this movement believe that all mankind has been reconciled to God, which leads to universalism.

Taking it a step further, postmodern universalists believe that unrepentant individuals will go to hell, but upon going there will recognize their sin and ultimately be taken to heaven. This movement also teaches that because Christ was sacrificed once and for all, Christians will never have to make sacrifices. Any grace teaching that alleviates believers from the personal responsibility of holiness and accountability is a false doctrine.

Jesus Christ did not pick up His cross so that we don’t have to. Jesus Christ picked up His cross to show us how to pick up ours. It’s impossible to say we love Jesus and not seek to obey His Word. The Holy Spirit showed me that these three doctrines would begin to creep into the church because of the lack of biblical knowledge, coupled with tolerance and rebellion. I began to follow the grace banners with the people to the cities where they went. As the Street Church swarmed the crowds, they pulled out mace from their pockets. They began to spray people in the eyes and the Spirit said,

“They are blinding the generations to the truth in the name of grace. They call themselves Joel’s army because they believe they will usher in the last day’s grace movement in the earth, but know that they are like the locust seeking to devour and ravage the vineyards of young generations. They distort the truth and preach rebellion and tolerance in the name of grace. They shall question if hell exists. They will believe that many paths lead to Me. Their toleration has led to jubilation. They create crazy party atmospheres that attract the drug culture and the homosexual spirit. You must know that things are never as they appear with the Street Church.”

After visiting these two types of churches, I was in great distress. I cried out to the Spirit and said, “Take me to Your church.” I immediately rode up on a church building that had “Surrendered Church” on its doors.

The Surrendered Church

I quickly walked in and sat down. I immediately noticed that in the back of this church was a gaping hole. It was as if a blast had gone off and almost entirely knocked out the back walls of the Surrendered Church. As I visited surrendered churches all over America, I found the exact same thing. I sat in the back and asked the Father what had happened. He said, “My church was at first deceived by rebellion and tolerance. The Street Church you just saw stormed out of the back of My church and left because of the lack of foundation and character, but now My church has been awakened and shall be repaired.”

I got up out of my seat and watched as many people were working on repairing the gaping hole in the back of the church. As I watched, I noticed something interesting; the workers were not just any workers. They were true apostles and prophets restoring the foundation, and many of them were teaching other young men how to properly lay the foundation. Meanwhile, many intercessors were in great travail repenting but having a great sense of hope as they cried out and thanked the Father for awakening His Son’s bride from deception and for restoring the foundation layers to His church.

The Perfect Storm has landed in America and Rebellion and Tolerance have swept over our land. Three different types of churches are on every street corner in America. Will the Surrendered Church arise and take its rightful place among the masses?

I prophesy and warn you that one of the greatest challenges that the church in the West is facing and will face is how to deal with young people that have never understood or been taught biblical grace. Many of these individuals have been overly exposed to legalism and because of this are now embracing false grace and unbiblical views on love.

There must be a shift in the American church prior to the 2016 election with regard to the views of tolerance and rebellion. The Spirit of Truth must be given access to this specific area that is on the Father’s heart in this hour.

Jeremiah Johnson is the servant leader of Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, Florida. A gifted teacher, book author, and prophetic minister, Jeremiah travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad as a conference and guest speaker. Jeremiah and his wife, Morgan, reside in Florida with their two children: Bella Grace and Israel David. Visit Jeremiah online at or Unknown Dreamer Ministries.

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