A Humble Heart

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Here is another message from Sara that will force you to search your own heart . . .

Sara's Musings


A humble heart . . . it’s not easy to acquire (and it has to be acquired as we come out of the womb wanting our own way) or to keep. FreeDictionary.com defines humble as (1) marked by meekness or modesty in behavior,attitude, or spirit;notarrogant or prideful; and (2) showingdeferential or submissiverespect (quote source here). Unfortunately, most of those attributes are in rather short supply in our society today. We are more into branding ourselves and taking selfies and splashing them all over social media than deferring to others or showing much respect to others. And, as a current airline commercial tells us over and over again, It’s All About You” (as in “us”). Humility is not often one of our strong points.

However, humility is one of the key ingredients of Micah 6:8. The

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