Until Lambs Become Lions

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Rise and rise again until lambs become lions1

There is a line in the movie, Robin Hood (2010), starring Russell Crowe (as Robin Longstride a.k.a. Robin Hood) and Cate Blanchett (as Lady Marion) that is etched in Robin’s memory from childhood. Thinking that his father had deserted him as a very young child, he comes to learn as the movie unfolds that the line was said by his father, who also etched it into a stone. Eventually Robin comes to learn from one of his father’s now elderly friends, Sir Walter Loxley (father-in-law to Lady Marion) that his father was actually beheaded when Robin was a lad of about six years old. This scene is available on YouTube at the following link. In the clip, Robin learns that his father was not only a stonemason, but a visionary, who believed that “kings have a need of their subjects, no less than subjects have…

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