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The Road to Pentecost

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Ah, the refreshing power of the Holy Spirit, who arrived on that wonderful Day, the Church was born!

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Two days ago I posted a blog post on my new blog site, Reflections,” titled The Road to Pentecost.” I decided to go ahead and post it here on my regular blog, too, since the readership is wider here, and Pentecost is two days away. Here is that blog post:

The Road to Pentecost

“One of the great metaphors of the Bible is “the journey.” The Bible is filled with journey upon journey. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture is full of people on the move”. . . .

The quote above is taken from a Holy Week sermon in 2009 titled, Three Journeys,” given by The Reverend Michael Seiler, Managing Associate Rector, at The Parish of Saint Matthew in Pacific Palisades, California. Here is more from that sermon:

In the beginning of the Old Testament, Abraham journeys from Ur of the Chaldees to…

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5 Reasons to stop using OMG

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Oh, I absolutely love this!

Lift Him Up

5 reasons to stop using OMG

Over the past decades, society has willingly and enthusiastically decided exclaiming Oh My G**! is: pertinent, necessary and acceptable in everyday conversations. However, because of the definition of God, and the way I understand our LORD’s third commandment, I must disagree.  

Godnoun: the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

Read five important reasons why expressing Oh My G**! is absolutely wrong.

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5 Steps To Live God-Centered

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Lift Him Up

5 steps to live God-centered

Accounts in the New Testament reveal the Good News to men and women. Because Jesus conquered death, the Apostles explained there is now a new way to lead a God-Centered life. But the question at hand was: Why should the people want to experience this new God-Centered life over their old God-Centered life?

  • Would it help them understand who God is?
  • Offer them forgiveness?
  • Would it bring them more joy?
  • Promise a more personal relationship with God?
  • Or for that matter, would God even care who is the center of their lives?

Let’s see how the Bible answers these questions.

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BREAKING NEWS: Terror attack against Sinai mosque kills at least 155 Egyptians. Death toll climbing. Evangelical message to Egypt: “Your fight is our fight. We stand with you. We pray for you. You are not alone.”

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Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog


(Jerusalem, Israel) — A terrorist attack against a mosque in Northern Sinai has left at least 155 Muslim Egyptians dead, and many wounded.

No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the ghastly attack, though forces of the Islamic State have carried out similar attacks against Muslims and Christians in Sinai.

Having just led a Delegation of Evangelical Christian leaders to visit President el-Sisi and senior Egyptian government and religious leaders, I want to extend our deepest condolences.

We Christians stand with Egypt against such evil.

Please join me in praying for President el-Sisi, Intelligence chief Khalid Fawzi, and the Egyptian security services to swiftly defeat these monstrous terrorists and bring calm and stability to the Sinai and all of Egypt.

Please pray for U.S. and Israeli leaders to provide any intelligence and security assistance Egypt may require.

Please pray most of all for the God of all comfort to…

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